How Much Will it Cost?

Maybe a better question would be, “How much MORE will I make with a product that LOOKS much more professional than I could if I did it myself?”

The answer is simple. The money you invest in your graphic design speaks volumes to your potential customers about the value of the product you’re offering.

Look at it this way. If you spend the time to make your product look the best it can with professionally produced graphics then you’re sending a message to your clients that your product is important, valuable, and well worth the money.

So instead of looking at your graphics in terms of how much it will cost to have them created, look at instead at how much more you’ll make by having your graphics created professionally.

Here is a sample price list. Have a look to get an idea of what you’ll invest for your graphics and keep in mind that these prices may change based on your specific graphic needs. We prefer to give you the right service for your needs rather than fit you into a one-size-fits-all solution that may or may not be right for you.

Graphically Rich Special Packages

The Audio Product Pro Package

We’ll do it all! From recording your production, getting it professionally edited, creating original packaging in either a CD Jewel Case or DVD Case, to securing your ISBN number, duplicating 250 finished copies of your program and finally getting your program listed on the largest retail site on the Internet,!


The Postcard Pro-Package

This package includes the layout and design of your full color 4″x6″ postcard (front & back) plus professional printing of 5,000 postcards delivered to your door!

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The Professional DVD Case Design Package

Get a full-color DVD case wrapper (front and back) plus a DVD face label to match! Delivered ready to print at your local printer.


Graphically Rich a-La-Carte Pricing Menu
DVD Case Wrapper
DVD/CD Face Label
Jewel Case Insert (Front + Back)
4-Page Jewel Case Insert
Company/Event Logo Design
11″ x 17″ Poster Design
Business Card Design
Postcard Design
Sales Brochure
Web Header Design
Custom Graphic Design (any)

Please call us at 919-745-1235 for a quote on your specific project. For example, if you already have some graphics or a log you’d like us to use, we’ll adjust our prices accordingly.

Or if you want to take an existing design and simply have it formatted for use in another project, again, we can do that for you and will quote you a price based on your specific project requirements.

We can create your graphics for use both in print and on the web, just tell us what you need! Our business is making you look good, so tell us what your vision is and we’ll take it from there!

Payment Terms

You will not pay to speak to us about your project and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to “think out loud” about what you’re creating together, we can make it the best it can be.

We do require payment upon acceptance of our quote and will typically deliver an initial version of your project within 5 to 7 business days.

Included with your project is up to 3 changes. After that you will be billed hourly for any further changes. This does NOT include changes that are the result of something we my have missed.

We hope you understand that this policy is necessary to avoid getting into endless hours of changes and not being able to bill for those hours. We’d be out of business in no time. Or, we’d have to triple our prices to cover that sort of thing in advance. But we won’t because we want to be fair with you and will only bill you extra if your changes require much additional work on our part.