Meet Richard Imbriale

Richard Imbriale has been designing graphics professionally for more than 17 years. He began, right out of college, working for WPTZ News Channel 5 (the local NBC affiliate in the upstate New York/Burlington Vermont area) and soon found himself as their chief graphic designer.

As his career evolved from producing OTS (over the shoulder) graphics for news broadcasts, to creating custom graphics for television commercials, demand for Richard’s work began to grow.

Before long, Richard was creating logos, banners and later internet graphics for many of the companies that advertised with WPTZ.

From there, Richard found his passion for creating graphics specifically for audio and video cases for professionals. Over the last 9 years, Richard has worked with many top professional authors and speakers to custom-create their product packaging.

Today, Richard creates web graphics, video and television graphics, postcards, product packages, CD labels, and even full color product flyers, and has enjoyed every challenge presented to him along the way!

His design process begins with a free-hand drawn concept, a gift many of today’s graphics professionals simply never use. This technique helps to develop his concepts and gives his work a unique look that is typically unmatched by any other graphics professional working in the field today.

Richard prefers to create every graphic from scratch rather than work from a template, like many other graphic designers do.

He will listen to what you want to achieve and apply his skills and creativity to develop a finished product with a look and feel that is sure to please not only his most discerning clients, but also those who will see his creations for years to come.

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