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The first rule of marketing is that you’ve got to grab their attention and you’ve got to do it fast! Veteran graphic artist, Richard Imbriale will give you the look you’ve been waiting for!

While most graphics professionals rely completely on technology these days to create their designs, Richard uses a unique approach where he combines his talents for hand-drawing with his extensive knowledge of computer graphics.

This process results in graphic designs that are truly unique and very attention-grabbing! And more importantly, clients end up making more money from their marketing efforts because of the way he makes things look! You are invited to look at some of Richard’s latest creations, posted here.

Since all projects are designed from a blank sheet of paper (or white computer screen!) your design will have its own unique characteristics (look and feel).

So for your next project, package design, business card, company logo, postcard, or any other marketing materials that include any graphic element, call Richard Imbriale!

He’ll take care of you and work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your project. You may contact Richard immediately for a free, no-obligation design consultation.

You may contact Richard now at 919-745-1235 or via e-mail at: rich@


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